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Of all the trials I've ever faced, this one is by far "The Toughest".

I don't want it to sound like I'm whining or feeling sorry for myself by the title of this, ' cuz in no way was that my intention. I'm actually just fine with this trial. I only wish to bring to light some of the hardships that are attached to a TBI . Let's begin by sharing a talk I gave in sacrament meeting on Nov. 23rd, 5 months after I was released from IMC Hospital in Murray. BLESSINGS & GRATITUDE for them 2 weeks ago in Sunday school, Bishop Hill asked if I would speak today on BLESSINGS and GRATITUDE for them. Naturally I agreed to it without giving it much thought. Upon returning home and having more time to think about what I’d just agreed to, I got kinda mad! It is seriously a pretty general topic and due to the TBI (traumatic brain injury) that I have, narrowing things down is one of my weaknesses. I finally calmed down and decided to stick with what I’ ve always said: TALKS ARE MORE FOR THE PERSON GIVING IT, THAN THOSE RECEIVING IT. It is more tru

Let's Start at the Beginning...

2007 was one of the most memorable years of my life. I moved into a condo with one of my mission buddies. Shortly after that one of my best friends, Josh Featherstone, moved in and we had sooo much fun. In May, Josh and I made an agreement that if he'd come to my mission, I'd go to his. In June we bought plane tickets to Tonga! We started making preparations for it. We were going for 3 reasons: 1- to be present for the temple re-dedication, 2- to have a fun vacation that allowed Josh to go back to his mission, and 3- to serve the people by raising $, clothing, candy, crafts, and other things. We asked our ward to pitch in and donate anything they could so we could take it with us. We raised some $, lots of clothes, and candy. We had so much stuff that we couldn't fit everything in our bags so we decided to the same thing in Tijuana, my mission. That way we could fulfill our pact. We planned the trip to Tijuana for march '08 over spring break. Josh started teaching me ba


I wish to share my experiences with all of you. Friends and family alike. I was asked to send out an email periodically to give everyone updates on my progress but I found that to be very difficult, seeing how my left side doesn't work very well and trying to type was exhausting (mentally). I hope this works out how I envisioned it would.