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... or the lack thereof.  I really don't have a lot of it but I just wanted to let all ya'll know that I am alive and doin well. I'm swamped with homework, tryin to work on my website (, and church stuff.  Oh, and I'm working on starting a TBI foundation so any feedback, ideas, input, etc. would be MUCH appreciated!   Thanks for being patient and understanding.


Holy Sasquatch!!! Big, hairy, smelly, sasquatch!  On May 6th I started summer semester at UVU (Utah Valley University)!  I'm loving it!  My professors are all amazing and understanding of my disabilities and kind of cater to me.  I feel very much like Harry here.  It makes me uncomfortable that so much of what we do is based around me.   But it's also a nice thing because... I've had to literally scratch, fight, and claw my way back into things.  After taking a year break from life, it was tough trying to get back into the swing of things.  It took about a 3 days to adjust.   It's been interesting watching people walk down the hall, look at me, then adjust their course trying not to make it obvious.  But it IS obvious.  I hope I didn't do that to others who are disabled, before my accident.  But there is good in everyone and I've learned to accept more help from others.  It's been humbling. I am taking photography from the most incredible, positive,


I haven't posted anything for awhile now so it's bout time I did. I feel somewhat like MJ (Micheal Jordan) when he re-entered basketball after trying his darndest to play a real man's sport... baseball! jk But I do feel strangely disconnected from a select few gentes . Many of you know the importance of good health insurance. But the "hunt" for a good plan can lead to and in some cases, cause the " pre -existing conditions" they so adamantly turn down when covering new clients. The heart is a very fragile organ and said "hunt" can cause high b.p., cardiac arrest, and even aneurysms in the mente. That said, I was very, very fortunate to have good health insurance before I decided to bash my head into the ground. I had studied about the differing coverages and felt I had a good grasp on what each plan consisted of and how it would affect my premium. I actually chose my own plan! The only problem lay too far down the road to see it

School + Driving + Job = INDEPENDENCE!

I've received a few phone calls about my last blog being a "Novel" and putting those people to sleep. Well I've got news for you people... DEAL WITH IT! CAUSE I'M NOT GONNA CHANGE. LOL. It literally takes me forever to write an entry so I don't wanna hear any whining on your end about it being hard... I still love you though! :-) SCHOOL I've had an AMAZING week. Well the last 2 really. I got back into school. Per Dr.'s orders I'm to try one class online then evaluate how that went and go from there. It's Psychology 1010 and the class is through (UEC- Utah eLearning Connection) Snow college. So far I've absolutely, 100%, been thrilled. My professor is a kind, witty, sarcastic individual which keeps me on my toes because as many of you know, with TBI, it's EXTREMELY difficult to understand sarcasm. Much to the dismay of many people I'm close to. So it's an interesting way to "practice" or "work on" getting it