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School + Driving + Job = INDEPENDENCE!

I've received a few phone calls about my last blog being a "Novel" and putting those people to sleep. Well I've got news for you people... DEAL WITH IT! CAUSE I'M NOT GONNA CHANGE. LOL. It literally takes me forever to write an entry so I don't wanna hear any whining on your end about it being hard... I still love you though! :-)

I've had an AMAZING week. Well the last 2 really. I got back into school. Per Dr.'s orders I'm to try one class online then evaluate how that went and go from there. It's Psychology 1010 and the class is through (UEC- Utah eLearning Connection) Snow college. So far I've absolutely, 100%, been thrilled. My professor is a kind, witty, sarcastic individual which keeps me on my toes because as many of you know, with TBI, it's EXTREMELY difficult to understand sarcasm. Much to the dismay of many people I'm close to. So it's an interesting way to "practice" or "work on" getting it.

On Dec. 22nd, I had an appointment in SLC to be evaluated to see if I was even capable of driving again. I was very nervous because about 1 week before this eval, they told me that I may pass but have restrictions. Like no night driving, no freeway, a certain speed limit, having someone else in the car at all times, and just scary things. Lots of em too. They also said that it was probably going to happen since most TBI's get passed but with lots of those restrictions. The eval consisted of cognitive, occupational, reflex, vision, and physical testing. It went well and since I passed all of that, I had to retake part of the written driving test. I passed with 100%!!! So on Dec. 24th, I was allowed to go out on the road for a car test. Again, I was terrified because not only had I not driven in over 10 months, but now I had to drive in Salt Lake plus they "expected" me to fail in a way. Not fail, but pass with restrictions. Failing in my book. I was sweating like crazy. They asked if I wanted to take off my jacket but I was sweating too much and didn't want to show off my "BURRITOS", more like "NACHOTES" so I declined. I navigated my way through the Murray-Sandy area and proceeded to I-215 then got on I-15. It was like riding a bike. We drove for about 30-40 minutes. The only difference was the use of a knob that allows me to make turns with one hand. When we got back to the eval center, they asked if I had any questions for them. I said, "No." Then she said, "Merry Christmas, you passed without a single restriction!" YAY!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

I'm getting so close to having my full independence again. The driving thing was so liberating. I have not worked for almost a year now and I chose not to cause I didn't want to put my cases in jeopardy. Now as many of you know, I filed for disability, DWS workforce financial assistance and was denied for both. Disability didn't report why I was denied but DWS gave me a report as to WHY. In that report, my Dr. said I was capable of working 40 hrs/week. Good news but kinda disappointing since I had waited so long for some "help". I've looked into some job options but it's kinda scary with the economy the way it is and people being let go. So if any of you have some ideas, I'd appreciate your input. My goal is to be in Salt Lake within the next 2 months, working, continuing therapy, continuing school, and becoming a psychologist. Kinda funny that every time I tried to go back to school, something BIG happened to keep me from going and it took something even BIGGER to get me to finally change my major. I was in a pre-physical therapy program at SUU and UVSC and loved it but the Lord had something else in mind for me. I've done a very small amount of research on TBI's and learned tons so I have a new direction and purpose. My goal is to HELP other TBI survivors in their recovery. I'm so happy the Lord saw fit to spare my life and I want to repay at least one person for all of the HELP, SUPPORT, LOVE, and ENCOURAGEMENT that I've received.

Thank you all.


  1. Congrats that is all so exciting. You are amazing Dallas.

  2. I love reading your posts! They're so positive and inspirational! I'm glad to hear that you're getting back to "normal" life. Good luck with the job hunting!

  3. Keep the novels coming! I love them, and I am so excited that you are able to drive and start getting on with the rest of life. SO excited for you, Dal.

    Hope all is well!

  4. Dallas, you amaze me! And just for the record, I find your novels very interesting. I love them! Good Luck, keep it up!

  5. Dallas i am so proud of you and your positive attitude toward life. I know it's hard for you but you keep on trekking... I hope you can find a job and get back to your life! Congrats on passing the driving test and getting school all worked out!
    : )

    ~love you much,

  6. Dallas, I'm not sure if you remember me Shayla Penney. Any ways I've been through a life changing event. Not as crazy as yours but I had a virus call Transverse Myelitis. It happened back in 2003. It made my legs numb from the hips down and I also had to learn how to walk again..Very frustrating!! I can't run or play sports so i've changed my life pretty much. Anyways I just want to tell you to keep positive...I had family and friends to help me and so many blessings. I love to hear how you are doing and see the things that you accomplish... I also tried to get disablilty and i was shot down... KEEP GOING AFTER IT.. You have to just keep after them...Anyways good luck with everything.. and keep smiling..


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