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I haven't posted anything for awhile now so it's bout time I did. I feel somewhat like MJ (Micheal Jordan) when he re-entered basketball after trying his darndest to play a real man's sport... baseball! jk But I do feel strangely disconnected from a select few gentes . Many of you know the importance of good health insurance. But the "hunt" for a good plan can lead to and in some cases, cause the " pre -existing conditions" they so adamantly turn down when covering new clients. The heart is a very fragile organ and said "hunt" can cause high b.p., cardiac arrest, and even aneurysms in the mente. That said, I was very, very fortunate to have good health insurance before I decided to bash my head into the ground. I had studied about the differing coverages and felt I had a good grasp on what each plan consisted of and how it would affect my premium. I actually chose my own plan! The only problem lay too far down the road to see it co