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I haven't posted anything for awhile now so it's bout time I did. I feel somewhat like MJ (Micheal Jordan) when he re-entered basketball after trying his darndest to play a real man's sport... baseball! jk But I do feel strangely disconnected from a select few gentes.

Many of you know the importance of good health insurance. But the "hunt" for a good plan can lead to and in some cases, cause the "pre-existing conditions" they so adamantly turn down when covering new clients. The heart is a very fragile organ and said "hunt" can cause high b.p., cardiac arrest, and even aneurysms in the mente.

That said, I was very, very fortunate to have good health insurance before I decided to bash my head into the ground. I had studied about the differing coverages and felt I had a good grasp on what each plan consisted of and how it would affect my premium. I actually chose my own plan! The only problem lay too far down the road to see it coming... my insurance covered only 20 visits each, of 3 kinds of therapy; Physical, Occupational, and Speech. When I moved to Delta we called to confirm how many PT visits I had left and they told me 8. Well I was released from IMC in late May so the insurance covered up until mid September/early October.

One day in mid-September, I got a bill from my insurance saying I OWED THEM $160! I was confused so we called them back and said, "you told us 8. now you're saying I owe you?" B.S. (bull shite if any of you know me... surprised ya didn't know that! ) Anywho, I paid it but had no $ left over for more sessions so I stopped going for 2 months. Sure, I did stuff at home but I missed the BioDex (balance machine, surprised ya didn't know that one either). So I patiently waited for the new year so I could have 20 visits again.

Now let's back up a tad. I'm not sure when this happened, I was in a coma, but my grandparents happened to bump into a family member of ours, who heard of my accident and offered to "help" in any way possible. I believe that was in early summer so at that time there wasn't anything he could've done. Fastfwd... I'd heard talk about this "offer" and one day while walking on the treadmill I got a bright idea, take him up on that offer. (I'm a genius!) I called around and finally found out how to contact him so I called. We had an amazing talk! We conversed about my situation, girls, and the weather... guy stuff! He put $ right then and there, into my account. I was floored. I didn't know what to say. "Thank you!?" So the following Friday I started going to therapy again. AWESOME-BLOSSOM... extra awesome!!!!

That was early January. Now in that phone call I told him that I had just passed my driving test but didn't have a car (I sold it to my sister and her new hubby). He then "offered" to help me get into something of my own. We looked and his father knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew somebodies aunt, who was acquaintances with (or so'em like that) a dealer who happened to be looking at cars while we were chattin. Another coincidence?

I had a Dr. appointment Jan. 20th so went with the intention of staying the whole week. That very afternoon, we went and bought my new ride... an '04 Honda Pilot. It's in pristine condition! WOW!! I searched the internet for a pic of my year/color but this was all i could find. It's not red but a charcoal with a blueish/greenish hue. It's fully loaded with NAV system, xm radio, and an entertainment system (DVD player).

I love it! Wednesday the 21st was a great day. This family member and I got the oil changed, washed it, and did some shopping. At about 3 pm, I left his house in Kaysville bound for Salt Lake (I didn't wanna get caught in rush-hour). I was driving down I-15 by Lagoon when it hit me. This was the first time in 11.5 months that I'd been alone. I'm alone much of the time at home but I'm in a comfortable setting, everyone knows where I am, and it doesn't feel like this did. I pulled over and cried! FREEDOM!!!! I said a little prayer and continued on my journey. I stopped at Champion Fitness to "show off" my new ride. Then I picked Lindsey up for a date. Weird when the whole time we'd been dating, she drove. I didn't know quite how to act. It was fun though!

I stayed up in Salt Lake for the rest of the week and LOVED every second of it. Amazing what a car can do for your confidence. I came home and am now looking for a job. It's bad cause of the economy but add my disabilities on top of that, and this is next BIG trial I'm facing.

Wish me luck! :)

By the way, I'm gonna be making a website so go to As of right now, I have no mula so I looked for a promotion of sorts for free web hosting. Hence the huge name. Once I find work and can afford it, I'll do the hosting elsewhere so it will be I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. If you could only see my face right now... CHEESE!!!


  1. Hey Dallas
    It's Kara Pace from High School, I just saw your blog from Liz's and I had to see how you are doing. Your recovery is so amazing. My dad works with your mom and I remember when he told me about your accident. I really can't believe how far you have come. Congrats on your new found Freedom.


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