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Holy Sasquatch!!! Big, hairy, smelly, sasquatch!  On May 6th I started summer semester at UVU (Utah Valley University)!  I'm loving it!  My professors are all amazing and understanding of my disabilities and kind of cater to me.  I feel very much like Harry here.  It makes me uncomfortable that so much of what we do is based around me.   But it's also a nice thing because... I've had to literally scratch, fight, and claw my way back into things.  After taking a year break from life, it was tough trying to get back into the swing of things.  It took about a 3 days to adjust.   It's been interesting watching people walk down the hall, look at me, then adjust their course trying not to make it obvious.  But it IS obvious.  I hope I didn't do that to others who are disabled, before my accident.  But there is good in everyone and I've learned to accept more help from others.  It's been humbling. I am taking photography from the most incredible, positive, and insp